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It’s Not About LOOKS, It’s About Your
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As someone in her 30s, Jessika Covington came to the realization she should not be suffering from high blood pressure and be on two different forms of blood pressure medication. Her family had an ongoing history of high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes at an early age, and she wanted to find a way to prevent these issues as early as possible.
Working at Singing River Weight Loss Center was truly a blessing in disguise that allowed her the opportunity to take control of her life and her health. She got to see firsthand how amazing Dr. Avara was with his patients and see his patients’ transformation right before her eyes.
Eager to get off medication and have a better quality of life, Covington underwent Gastric Sleeve surgery. She received so much encouragement from her colleagues, who are also dear friends, throughout her entire journey. She weighed
in at 220 pounds before her surgery and lost a total of 89 pounds since surgery.
The recovery process was easier than she imagined. The hard part was the mental aspect of recovery. Mentally each and every day she had to remind herself of her WHY and hold herself accountable.
She always tells her patients to never forget their why. “Why did you have surgery? Why are you doing this? Remembering your why always helps you stay focused and helps you to be successful.”
It was never about the number on the scale to her, it was about being healthy and feeling great! She is no longer on medication, chest pain with exercise is gone, shortness of breath resolved, acid reflux is no longer an issue, and she no longer feels completely worn out by the end of the day.
Covington wants to offer a little piece of advice to others 120 | August 2022
COVINGTON before and after her weight loss surgery.
who might be struggling to get started on their health journey, “Take preventative action before it’s too late! We must pay closer attention to our health and consistently work towards better health to have a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.”
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