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Workplace safety:
let’s talk about it.
  story by Luke Height
In any place of work, whether you’re working in an office, cubicle, kitchen, at home, or in the elements, knowing some tips and tricks of how to maintain your safety is vital. In this article we will cover a few different safety topics: physical safety, cybersecurity, and workplace ergonomics.
Physical safety is of utmost importance especially in industries that require using electrical, heavy machinery, physical labor and moving at a fast pace. Kitchens are filled with all sorts of fire hazards, slippery floors, and sharp objects. When in any workplace that has hazards like this, make sure to follow and read the necessary documents your employer provides around workplace safety. As much as it seems like needless paperwork, it can be a matter of life and death in some situations. Be cautious to wear the appropriate attire, learn the rules for navigating the physical environment, and follow the safety precautions for using your tools/machinery. It’s better to be knowledgeable than to end up injured or worse.
In industries that are less physically strenuous and don’t require hazardous materials, the dangers come in a different form. This is where being safe has more to do with your cybersecurity and safety of information. Many today operate in a digital world where hackers are constantly looking for ways to infiltrate your organization’s information and gain access to your resources. They send out phishing emails
that are meant to entice you to click and next thing you know, your information has been compromised. Be wary of phishing emails, don’t search for things that aren’t work related on your work device, or leave your devices open in public spaces. Make sure to guard your computer and your colleagues from threats that can affect the organization as a whole, as well as your job security.
Beyond the standards set by employers and governmental agencies, you should always be proactive about your workplace safety. As someone who is doing the job, constantly be on the lookout for dangers and protect yourself and others at all costs.
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