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A few tips from a local: anything on the menu with the word “Cantina” in it is amazing. The Blind Tiger is known for their Cantina Wings, which are marinated to perfection and perfectly spicy and sweet. That same Cantina sauce can also be found on the Cantina Shrimp Tacos – another favorite.
Seafood is the name of the game here,
so you really can’t go wrong with any of
the fresh offerings scribbled across the chalkboard. If Royal Reds are in season, you’re in luck. These shrimp taste more like lobster and are a true Coastal Mississippi delicacy.
Don’t forget to grab one of The Blind Tiger’s famous Bushwackers before you leave! This chocolaty frozen delight completes the island experience – no passport is necessary.
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Famous Bushwacker.
 The Blind Tiger’s name is both rooted in the history of Bay St. Louis and a dedication to owner Thomas Genin’s late father, who was nicknamed “Tiger.”
Known as “Blind Tigers” during Prohibition, illegal bars in Southern towns served local moonshine and bootleg whiskey. Bay St. Louis and Lower Hancock County had several
Blind Tigers, which were popular with musicians, businessmen and lawmen alike.
Owners of Blind Tigers coordinated shipments
on small speed boats that could easily evade the larger and slower U.S. Coast Guard boats that patrolled the coastline. Smugglers Run in Kiln became the headquarters of the smuggling operation because the Mississippi River granted easy access
to both New Orleans and Chicago.
   119 N Beach Blvd. Bay St. Louis 228.216.2600
Additional locations in Biloxi, Slidell and Covington

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