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Humane Society of South Mississippi
Approximately 6.3 million
companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Pet overpopulation is a national crisis, and South Mississippi is no exception. The Humane Society of South Mississippi (HSSM) has averaged 350-400 animals in-house on any given day this year, and they are doing everything in their power to create additional space. However, they cannot tackle the pet over-population crisis in South Mississippi without the support of the community.
Upon arriving at the shelter, HSSM staff members have to find/setup a black wire crate for stray animals that enter the building (because all the kennel runs are full), give them food/water, and they must be processed into HSSM’s system with vaccines, heartworm/ flea/tick prevention, etc., given a heartworm test, and undergo a behavior assessment. All of this is in addition to cleaning, caring, and medicating the 400 other homeless
pets residing at the shelter. HSSM does not stop. While animals are constantly coming in through their back doors, they are trying their best to get them adopted into loving homes.
There are many benefits to adopting a mixed breed dog from the shelter such as: they are generally healthier; up to date on vaccinations/preventatives; unique/appreciative personalities; cost benefits; already microchipped; spayed/ neutered; you won’t be supporting
puppy mills; and most importantly, you’ll be saving a life and opening up much needed space at the shelter for another animal to come in and receive the shelter and care they deserve.
If you can’t commit to adopting, there are several other ways you can get involved and support HSSM’s mission. You can volunteer your time at the shelter to walk dogs, socialize cats, pass out treats, etc.; foster a sick pet; be an adoption ambassador; provide a stressed
shelter dog with a special “doggy day out”; donate much needed items to the shelter such as blankets/towels, wet food, treats/toys, cleaning supplies, etc.; or you can even have a direct impact on caring for a shelter pet in need by donating to their cost of food.
 $25 sponsors a dog’s meals for the week.
$100 sponsors a dog’s meals for the month.
$600 sponsors a dog’s meals for half of the year.
$1,200 sponsors a dog’s meals for the entire year.
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If you can’t give them a home for the holidays, please consider contributing to their care and being an advocate for the voiceless. For more information on how to give back to South Mississippi’s most vulnerable pets, please contact donate@

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