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 story by Cherie Ward Hope is built by people doing acts of
justice in an unjust world and rescue is just the first step. It’s the healing that follows that makes all the difference and that’s exactly what Jubilee Havens does for victims of human trafficking.
“Jubilee Havens is all about providing a safe haven for victim-survivors of human trafficking, women 18 and up,” said Sharon Robbins, founder and executive director.
The nonprofit organization based in Jackson County was established about six years ago, and Robbins is not only the founder but also a survivor.
Jubilee Havens works in two phases. First, by providing an approved residential emergency respite and second by seeking a long-term facility as well as helping with the restorative care needed to achieve wellness.
“Temporary placement is usually only about two weeks,” she said.
“We do training on haven advocacy. We do fundraisers and are all about volunteers joining us to have fun while we raise funds for the cause in which we fight against and protect those that come into our emergency respite.”
And the future is bright for Jubilee Havens with various partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organizations, social workers, and nurses.
“We have five teams on the street spreading decals and business cards with a national human trafficking hotline and a local crisis line,” she said. “When women cross our paths or are referred to us, we know where to send them because we have already visited, met, and collaborated
with them as partners. Most of the partners, in the beginning, were all outside the state of Mississippi because Mississippi did not have any long-term safe havens at that time. Thankfully, that’s all changing and Jubilee Havens is here to help with that.”
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Jubilee Havens

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