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            “I know a pandemic, a recession, and an inventory shortage all sound like impossible feats for dealerships, but it just requires more transparency and hands-on
work from the dealership teams.”
– Tiffany Boyte-West
   West says.
According to Boyte-West, the car industry has changed a
great deal in the past two years. For example, the production of vehicles was drastically cut during COVID. “Initially, low production was caused by the microchip shortage which grew to more issues like parts being back-ordered, delivery driver shortages, and personnel shortages,” she explains. “But now, manufacturers are looking towards the future and getting aggressive with EV production dates.”
Boyte-West is a big believer in being transparent with customers, so the company filmed a commercial explaining
their new processes for employee and customer safety and discussing how the car industry was impacted by the pandemic. Even when restrictions eased up, Bob Boyte Honda saw a lag
in business. “It was due to auto parts being back-ordered and shipping containers sitting off the west coast waiting to port. The microchip shortages continued due to the drought in Taiwan and other worldly events,” Boyte-West says. “This pandemic truly impacted every part of the business for everyone.”
Boyte-West says that while things may still be rough, manufacturing is slowly getting back to normal. “The parts deliveries are still a bit backed up due to a nationwide driver shortage,” she explains. “But customers are also keeping their vehicles longer than normal and deciding to do extra maintenance work.”
Boyte-West believes there is a reason that Bob Boyte Honda SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living |
is the only Honda Dealer to win the President’s award every year since opening. The company prides itself on customer experience, transparency, and impeccable service. “I believe the future for us is to continue to grow the Bob Boyte brand and become more rooted within our communities. We are so excited to be on the Mississippi Coast. We see so much potential to help bring our ways of servicing and dealing to the coastal area.”
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Honda assembly lines were cut drastically after COVID, but things are starting to turn around for the better.

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