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 shape Kallinikos into an extraordinary pastry chef whose passion for Serious Bread mirrors that of its founder.
Everything at Serious Bread is unique. Between the sweet and savory options, you will have your fair share of internal culinary debate. If savory is your mood du jour, Serious Bread offers a variety of grab-n-go items. The chicken salad is a deli- cious staple and is packed full of in-house roasted chicken, apples, red and green onions, celery, al- monds, and cranberries. Like your chicken salad a little more exotic? The curry chicken salad boasts ingredients such as curry, golden raisins, and coconut, making for an incredibly flavorful salad. The pimento cheese is definitely a crowd favorite that highlights a selection of four different cheeses, resulting in a creamy and rich spread. Both the house-made pesto and olive tapenades are also wonderful choices to accent any charcuterie board or party tray. If you go on the weekend, the trea- sured garlic and olive oil flatbread is a must-have on your list.
Serious Bread has beautifully sweet pastries, cookies, and muffins to satisfy your sweet tooth, in addition to a brownie that will change your life. The brioche cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing is soft with just a touch of cinnamon and just gooey enough to make you smile. The maple pecan banana bread with ginger streusel is big enough to share, even though you’ll prefer not to. The Bay St. Louis muffin, which mixes carrots, pineapples, walnuts, cinnamon, and sourdough bread, is a local favorite that sells out fast. Howev- er, the standout treat was the brownie. A cake-like brownie is topped with chocolate chips and cov- ered with pecans and a poured chocolate icing. It is decadent and delicious, and I was not prepared for its goodness.
Still, the true star of Serious Bread is, well, the bread! French sourdough, garlic rosemary sour- dough, western French, oatmeal cinnamon raisin and roasted sunflower seed are just a few of the wonderful breads that Serious Bread has to offer. Breads are baked fresh daily and sell out fast. This bakery is an exceptional highlight to the Coast’s culinary scene and one that you don’t want to avoid no matter how hard you are trying to cut down on carbs. Seriously.
 Assortment of House Pastries:
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin, Peanut Butter and Honey Granola, The Bay St. Louis, Maple Pecan Banana Bread with Ginger Streusel.
  Pimento Cheese.
 Chicken Salad.
Chicken Salad.
 Crawfish Boil Potato Salad.
  Garlic and Olive Oil Flatbread.
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