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 Face of Sock Enterprises, LLC
“There is
in failure.
    Karen sock is a leader, mentor, and inspiration to many. One of the pinnacle moments of her career came in 1996 when she was appointed general manager of the original Harrah’s Casino in Tunica. By earning that position, Sock became the country’s first African American female to lead the operations of a full-service casino for a major gaming company.
Today, she is president and CEO of Sock Enterprises,
and continues to help men and women across the Coast to achieve their professional goals. “Keep going, keep learning, find your voice, and use all of your skills and talents,” she urges. “There is growth in failure. Take the lesson, grow from the experience, and move on.” | 901.651.7167
Sock was also instrumental in the creation of Pathways2Possibilities (P2P), an interactive career expo designed for all 8th graders in private and public schools in the six lower counties of Mississippi. “We’ve welcomed over 100,000 Mississippi 8th graders since 2013,” says Sock. “The 8th Annual P2P Gulf Coast hosted 6,500 students this year. This community partnership allows us to introduce students to all that is possible in their future.”
Of living and working on the Gulf Coast, Sock says, “I enjoy seeing the spectacular sunsets and walking the Ocean Springs bridge, the beach, or my neighborhood at Tradition. I also love discovering and going to the many the great restaurants along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”
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