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  Face of Biloxi Beach Resort Rentals, LLC
Born in Landstuhl, Germany, but a Biloxi native at heart, Jacqueline Gilich Wilson truly worked her way up from the bottom. “I started working at Biloxi Beach Resort Rentals in 2011 as an accounts manager, but my role in the company continued to grow over the years. When the opportunity came to purchase the company last year, I jumped on it!”
Wilson has continued to improve and grow the business,
and it is thriving under her leadership. “I love what I do,” she says. “I enjoy meeting new people and sharing my love for the Gulf Coast with them. Working with my team brings me great joy! I have such an amazing group of people that support
my company, many of whom have worked alongside me for several years. We are a family.”
Her favorite aspect of living and working in South Mississippi is the beauty and strength of the Coast and it’s people. “Every day I am in awe of how beautiful our Gulf Coast is, how strong our community is. Everyone knows everyone here, and neighbors are always there to help. We live in such a unique area – people do not understand until they visit and experience the Gulf Coast and all it has to offer.”
Wilson and her husband, Aaron have been married for
13 years, and together they have a beautiful nine-year-old daughter, Caroline Jaye. “She is such a spectacular child – the greatest joy of our lives!” she says. “We also have our chocolate labradoodle, Lucky Rain, and a white lab, Maggie Mae, both three years old.”
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