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  “I love the community and friendships
— Chelse Ellis
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At NeoNutrition Chelse Ellis is following her dream while bringing nutritious and delicious smoothies and juices to the area.
“I have always taken pride in my work ethic and dreamed of being a business owner,” she says. “When I fell in love with the teas, I knew it was something that I wanted to pursue. I have so much fun, it hardly feels like work.”
She considers her beautiful family and the businesses they have built from the ground up as her greatest successes. “We started from the bottom, and it has helped us stay humble as we grow. Our two little boys are our biggest motivation,” she said.
Ellis’ husband has made the biggest impact on her career. “The day I met my super talented husband was a turning point. I had never met somebody so good and invested in their career. He has always been so inspiring to me, and he has always been my biggest supporter.”
15109 Lemoyne Blvd., Ste. CC, Biloxi Facebook @NeoNutrition | 228.365.4092
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Movement Doc
Robby Ellis is the Movement Doc, using his training and physical therapy doctorate to help people solve problems. It was a natural progression from playing football for 12 years and his experience in sports and performance to become the Movement Doc.
“I want to inspire people to live their best life, to love with all their heart, and to help others remove labels and limitations from their lives that are getting them stuck,” he says. “I’ve always enjoyed coaching and teaching people.”
Ellis loves being able to use his experience and knowledge to create customized solutions for athletes and patients. “My calling is leadership and helping people solve problems. I love working with high level athletes which provide opportunities to travel and compete at a world class level.”
He can’t imagine living anywhere other than the Gulf Coast and says it’s a special place with an amazing culture and people. It’s where he’s lived since age four.
In addition to his work, he enjoys practicing martial arts and being “a hardcore OneWheel skateboarder.” He rides every day and does some pretty sketchy stuff.
Movement Doc
Facebook/Instagram/TikTok @Movement_Doc | 228.326.1115
 “My focus is to optimize human performance through mind, body, spirit. ”
— Robby Ellis
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