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     Face of Le Café Beignet
In 2012, Sita La’Cap was approached to help with Downtown Biloxi’s revitalization projects by opening a business. She decided to open a small café where she would serve her family’s classic beignets.
Being born and raised in Biloxi, helping to revitalize the city holds an important place in her heart. La’Cap wanted the community to have faith in rebuilding, even though there was only one other restaurant at the time.
“I love being able to give tourists a taste of our culture,” La’Cap says.
Her favorite parts of Coastal culture include, of course, the cuisine, but also the traditions, the history, the diversity, casinos, and the community outreach programs that help those in need. “I love that we strive to be the best seaside community in
the South,” La’Cap explains.
La’Cap lives by the idea that you shouldn’t go to sleep angry. Her Shih Tzu, Charlie, helps with this. He always greets her when she gets home and helps her unwind after long days.
In her spare time, she loves to go diving, plan parties, and do home projects with her family. However, La’Cap enjoys spending her days at work with her employees because they are eager to learn for their personal success.
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