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  “I am from Pascagoula and have been with the company since 2016. I took some time and went back to teaching, but recently returned in 2021. I entered the company as a skilled trades recruiter and I am currently in the role of chief information officer. Helping others find work and get back on their feet is at the root of our organization. I enjoy playing some small role in making people happy and successful.”
  I am from Pascagoula and have been with Express for 5 years. I started in our Biloxi office as an associate, and then was offered a job internally as front desk receptionist. I have taken many steps along my journey from industrial recruiter to hospitality recruiter, and then to co-general manager of our Hattiesburg location.
As of December I, am a franchise partner in our Hattiesburg location and will be opening an additional office
in the neighboring territory in 2023. The journey through Express has been the hardest and most fulfilling task I have ever had. The sacrifices I have made over these 5 years to go from employee to owner is something that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It has shaped me both personally and professionally to be the best version of myself.
The most important thing that keeps me at Express is the opportunity to match great job seekers with great companies in the area and to see the rewarding expressions on our associates faces as they obtain their first check through Express.”
  “I am from Biloxi and have been with the company since 2015. I started with Express in the Biloxi location as the front office coordinator. I was quickly promoted to a junior recruiter, and soon after that to an industrial recruiter. When I first took this job, I was working three other jobs and shortly after being promoted several times I realized my future was with Express. Currently, I am in the role of general manger for our Hattiesburg location and have been for the last 3 years. Very simply, I am with this company and will continue to be with this company because of the family culture and the opportunities that are never-ending.”
 I am from Ocean Springs and have been with Poolemerica for 7 years. I started in the Express office as a general assistant and soon was promoted to an administrative recruiting position. Soon after that, I moved into our payroll department and worked in Risk and Finance. For the last 3 years I have held the role of VP of risk/benefits/ finance and get an opportunity to work with all of our Express locations across the South.
I stay with this company due to the close knit culture of likeminded people who all strive to be better versions of themselves daily all while making good things happen for other people. Also the fact that Express is growth- oriented. There really is no limit as to how far you can go as long as you are willing to put in the work.
Before I joined Express, I was completely unaware of the staffing industry. I also have no formal education or previous experience in anything finance-related, so I certainly did not think overseeing the financials for a 50-million dollar company would ever be in my day-to-day job duties.”
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