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   Project by Annelle Primos.
Belgian influence, which was European in style but with pure bleached wood
and natural linen fabrics versus prints. It was a far more edited approach. For the past ten years – as you can see in all the magazines today – there has been, and still is, a strong influence of Mid-Century Modern. The most interesting homes
are those that are not just the style of the moment, but do have a more collected look – the old with the new.”
These designers brilliantly scatter antiques into a diversity of design aesthetics. Coco echoes that sentiment saying , “If something feels trendy, try
to avoid it.” Adds Primos, “There are always new trends. I started collecting as a freshman in college, buying antiques and art with money made from my summer jobs. Looking back now, there are things
I may not be drawn to with the same intensity today as I was back then, but there is no way I would or could part with them. As we grow and our lives change, so does the inside of our home.”
If it’s just a quick update to a room or two you are looking for, Coco offers these tips. “Adding or changing out art makes a huge impact to a space. It’s the easiest way to revive a stale room, and it doesn’t have to match anything!”
He suggests several other fast and easy changes as well. “It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but try thinking outside the box. Also, a coffee table or side table that is contradictory to all else in the room can add a funky, updated look. When buying accessories keep them at a minimum. One quality piece on the larger side makes much more of a statement than
six inexpensive pieces that can add clutter rather than style. And finally, don’t forget about drapery panels. They still soften hard edges and help so much acoustically.”
Coco and Primos share the belief that a well-designed and decorated home is one where you enjoy making memories with those you love. “Our home interiors are like the layers of our lives,” shares Primos. Coco goes even further, “You have a house so you can have the home you like, one that reflects your life and your values. Your friends and relatives can have a home they like. Why would you want your home to look just like theirs?” He wraps
it up by saying, “One of my favorite compliments from someone is hearing that no one can tell who the designer was on a project. It means I have helped my clients create their dream, not mine.”
 Holly Harrison has been a licensed interior designer for over 35 years. Shannon Stage has spent nearly 20 years in the giftware
industry. Together they own Sassy Bird Interiors in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.
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