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  At the beginning of a new year, we look back at all that we have accomplished in the last year – all we still want to do, and what we are trying to change for the year ahead. Deciding on our New Years’ resolutions often comes with big, lofty goals that we aim to take on starting January 1. We tell ourselves we are going to get abs, quit all our bad habits, or change our lifestyle. These goals are great and, of course, we want to make that kind of advancement, but often the results never come. We get too overwhelmed by the stress of hitting these goals and give up within a week or two.
Author Anne Lammot wrote a book called Bird by Bird. The idea behind the title is that you just have to focus on one small task at a time. So for this year, instead of making huge goals, instead try to make small, attainable goals that you can focus
days a week. You can
always build up from there.
In fact, places like Leonardo Delgado Jiu
Jitsu Academy or Crooked Letter Crossfit offer great services to help gain momentum for the new year.
Instead of saying, “I’m going to change my financial health,” it would be better to make smaller goals that will aid your financial health. For example, you can focus on putting aside $200
every paycheck and living below your means. This is a small, attainable goal and it aids in your overall financial health.
Regardless of your goals, one thing will help above all: in the new year, remember to give yourself some love and compassion. Reaching to become a better version of yourself isn’t an easy task. If you fail, just get back up again and show yourself a little
Not Perfection
Combatting Resolution Stress
on one at a time. If you want to be healthier, don’t expect results overnight. Start to incorporate more healthy meals into your diet, get a gym membership, and commit to a couple
appreciation along the way. This will be worth more than any other change you can make.
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