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       Analise Riggins
Linden Interiors
How did you get into this line of work?
After receiving a bachelor’s degree in interior design from The University of Southern Mississippi and beginning my career working under Tara Shaw in New Orleans, I established a full service design firm in 2020. I’m detail oriented and love to design spaces that are functional and personal as well as beautiful.
How would you describe your design aesthetic?
A favorite style of mine is a mixture of contemporary and classic interiors paired with antiques in a home. I love timeless, clean lines and layered textures. I think the juxtaposition of these things make
a room feel both unique and timeless. Beauty has to be functional!
What do you consider good advice for someone starting to design their home?
I recommend contacting an interior designer prior to building, remodeling, or buying furniture. Designers and architects work together on what is the most functional layout for your home.
An interior designer will make sure everything in your home has a cohesive style, from tile selections, lighting, and furniture to paint colors, wallpaper, rugs, and decor. A designer will help you save time and money. There’s nothing worse than being stuck with something that doesn’t fit in your home.
Where and how do you find inspiration
for designing a home?
Travel and fashion are huge inspirations for me, and I stay up to date with the latest trends by reading design books and magazines. I think much of my inspiration for each design is based on each client’s individual wants and needs: how they live in the space, how many children they have, what colors they love. I try to make every home I design unique to the client it’s for.
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