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          scheduled for late 2024.
As part of the resort, multiple hotels, restaurants and other
entertainment amenities would all be within sight of cars passing by on the interstate. According to Schroeder, Sports Illustrated Resorts also selected D’Iberville because of their already strong partnership, the city’s pro-business policies, and prime location.
Plans are also underway for the relocation of Popp’s Ferry Road. This four-lane roadway construction project aims to realign Popp’s Ferry from Galleria Parkway to Nance Street
to line up with the four-lane segment of Popp’s Ferry Road
at 1-110. It will also widen Popp’s Ferry Road from Nance Street to Belle Street. This will provide additional capacity to accommodate existing and future traffic in this developing area. The existing segment of Popp’s Ferry Road from Nance Street to Galleria Parkway will remain in place to provide access to existing businesses.
This project is being built in two phases. The eastern phase
is currently under construction at a cost of $3 million. It is scheduled to be complete early next year. The western phase is scheduled to bid this fall and will begin as the first project ends.
These projects were planned as part of an overall roadway SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living |
ABOVE: Buildable Land Study Aerial View.
LEFT: Clay Jones.
FAR LEFT: Illustrations of SI Blue Water Beach, LLC Development Plan.
improvement initiative in the Interstate Commerce Area. After completion of the interstate access and overpass widening projects, the city has been working to widen the adjoining roadways. Galleria Parkway and Popp’s Ferry East of Galleria Parkway is complete, and a project for Lamey Bridge Road is planned.
Additional projects include a new 50,000-square-foot Hobby Lobby coming to One Promenade this fall. A 7,500-square-foot Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux is also projected for completion this fall and will be located at the corner of Mandal Parkway.
In June, D’Iberville also announced the retirement of Clay Jones as city manager after 27 years as a public servant. Jones served in this role for six years and as a first responder and law enforcement officer for 21 years. He looks forward to continuing to do good things for D’Iberville and the Gulf Coast as a whole.
“The City of D’Iberville was founded on the banks of Back Bay by strong, resilient families that still reside here today,” says Mayor Rusty Quave. “My promise to you is that I will continue to work hard, along side our council, administration, and great city employees to make decisions that are best for all that are involved.”
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