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  carter green STEAKHOUSE
story by John N. Felsher photo courtesy of Island View Casino Resort
Dinners can enjoy fine meals all along the Mississippi Coast, but the staff of Carter Green Steakhouse pride themselves on standing out even among the very best restaurants.
“Probably three reasons set us apart from our competition,” explained Ed Layton, Island View Casino Vice President of Non-Gaming Operations. “One, our portions are somewhat oversized, so customers get a lot of value for the money they spend. Second, for people who enjoy wine, we have a full selection worth well more than $100,000. Third, we have such a beautiful ambiance. The restaurant is very nicely furnished and well decorated. People can watch the sun set from our casino and see the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a nice view.”
Located in the Island View Casino complex at 3300 W. Beach Boulevard in Gulfport, Carter Green Steakhouse offers an excellent selection of prime steaks. The most popular item, tender filet mignon, comes in two sizes with all the extras. They also offer a fine selection of seafood fresh from the Gulf of Mexico.
“The Gulf Coast has some of the finest shrimp and other seafood in the world,” Layton proclaimed. “We have a daily catch-of-the-day fish. It’s seasonal, but we get a good selection out of New Orleans. We’re always
proud of our redfish. We also offer Gulf Coast shrimp prepared various ways.”
Owned by people with strong roots anchored in the Gulf Coast, the restaurant tries to buy as much locally as possible. Most of their seafood comes from Gulf Coast states. They also buy other items from around southern Mississippi.
“We’re fortunate to have two owners, both of whom are originally from this area,” Layton said. “Not only do people sell to us, but also many of them spend their leisure time with us. We’re their customers and they’re our customers too. We pride ourselves on that.”
The restaurant opened about 14 years ago. Many staff members worked there for years. They get to know their repeat customers. The customers get a familial feeling, knowing exactly what they will get for their money.
Carter Green Steakhouse
3300 W. Beach Blvd., Gulfport, MS 39501 228.314.2100 |

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