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  Shrimp Po’Boy
a Gulf of OPTIONS
Miles of Flavor from Coast to Coast
story by Cherie Ward
photos courtesy of Bacchus on the Beach, Captain Al’s Steak and Seafood, Chopstx Noodle Bar, Parrain’s Jambalaya Kitchen, Quave Brothers Poboys, and The Rack House Steaks & Spirits
With its laid-back easy lifestyle surrounded by glistening soft sands, the sea breeze magic of Coastal Mississippi has been the best-kept secret for decades, maybe longer.
But now, the secret about this coastal paradise is out and in a big way.
From Bay St. Louis to Pascagoula, the Mississippi Gulf Coast has become not only an irresistible tourism destination but has exploded with captivated food
enthusiasts flocking to the 12 coastal beach towns. Foodies want to tantalize their mouths with a taste of culinary creativity that meets southern charm and blends local flavors with international flair. And the coastal culinary masters found up and down the 62 miles of sparkling beaches do not disappoint. Each chef has unique rich culinary traditions drawn from eclectic cultures, generational family recipes, and secret pinches and dashes like nowhere else in the world.

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