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Calling All Foodies –
Hundreds of great dining options... Bon Appetit!
   Culinary Adventures
Coastal Mississippi dining is truly a pleasure and a long- standing tradition as the area is known for its extensive array of cuisine. We take pride in the quality and variety we serve to please all palates. Come hungry! We promise you’ll leave full and filled with memories of an outstanding culinary experience.
Fresh seafood is a mainstay of this region as the area’s rich culinary history is a gumbo of cultures. Parts of the Coast were settled by the French more than 300 years ago! Their cuisine along with Native Americans and eventually Spanish explorers melded together
over time. As people from Italy, Ireland, the Balkans, Vietnam, Central and South America, and other places came to these shores, their food became part of the delicious mix that is now Coast dining. Another part of the dining scene popular with visitors is our Cajun and Creole dishes.
With the endless variety of dishes, there is a diversity of ambiance and pricing. From white tablecloth restaurants to beachside, wear-your-flip-flop kind of hangouts, the dining atmosphere stays true to the warmth of Southern hospitality.

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