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  What an incredible honor it is to serve as MGHA’s 2022 Chair. I am eager and excited to get to work with all of you in this capacity.
Looking back at the past year, I am filled with tremendous pride and hope. I would like to recognize everyone reading this for rising above adversity and making 2021 in some ways our best year yet. There is still work to be done, but Mississippi’s resiliency can’t be overstated.
 With Gulf Coast casinos smashing records and
many other regions across our state reporting huge
gross gaming revenue increases compared to 2019,
Mississippi has a strong hold as a leader in the gaming
market. However, there’s an enormous opportunity
to expand our offerings, keep significant tax dollars
in our state where they belong and generate more jobs
with statewide mobile sports betting. Our neighboring states are taking advantage, and we should direct the money back home. The recent introduction of mobile sports betting for those physically in casinos is a great first step and from here the buzz and excitement is only going to grow. If we want to continue as a top gaming destination it’s imperative that we don’t fall behind, and I hope we see legislative movement in the near future.
It’s important that I take a moment to recognize a few individuals for their unwavering dedication to our state and industry. First, thank you to our previous Chair, Joe Lodise. Your leadership through this unprecedented time has been incredible. I would also like to thank the Mississippi Gaming Commission’s outgoing executive director, Allen Godfrey, for your many years of guidance and service. Our industry wouldn’t be in the strong position we are in today without your expertise and direction. And I would like to give a huge welcome to Mississippi Gaming Commission’s new executive director, Jay McDaniel.
The future is bright and I’m looking forward to our continued success in 2022. Let’s do this!
Thank you,
Anthony Del Vescovo
Anthony Del Vescovo
Chair, Mississippi Gaming & Hospitality Association
Anthony Del Vescovo

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