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 Additionally, beautiful costumes of the late ‘Costume King’ Carter Church, one of the top costume designers in the United States, are on display. He was influenced by renowned Russian-born painter and designer known as Erté whom Church knew in New Orleans and Paris.
Church received 50 Alpha Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award from
the Fashion Group International for his designs in the field of couture as well as costume. His inspiration ranged from Czarist Russia and fairy tales to Barbie and disco fashion for his designer debutante gowns and costumes.
Creating each costume by hand, he did his own cutting and sewing and assisted in making appliques and attaching sequins or Swarovski crystal rhinestones. Elaborate costumes can weigh 120 pounds, sometimes have collars 8 feet across and 6 feet high. In the business for more than 50 years, he bought fabric in bulk and ostrich plumes by the pound.
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