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 the Blind Tiger
  If you are craving a relaxed island atmosphere with plenty of color and interest, look no further than The Blind Tiger in
Bay St Louis and Biloxi.
After a long day at work or an exciting day at the beach, The Blind Tiger has scrumptious, locally-caught seafood dishes you’re craving along with a bright and vibrant atmosphere that makes it easy to unwind. The casual-style restaurant chain was inspired by owner Thomas Genin’s island travels. He opened his first location in Bay St. Louis in 2013 and the Biloxi restaurant soon followed.
Genin set out to create a new type of restaurant after Hurricane Katrina destroyed his first one in 2005. He loves the Bahamas and Caribbean as well as the casual bars, open air, laid-back feel, and the amazing food he found there in little out-of-the-way places. He designed The Blind Tiger
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