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Benefits of Seagrass
story by Christiana Mohrman photo by Thalassia Testudinum
• Half of the total seagrasses in the U.S. are found along the Gulf Coast.
• Seagrasses are a nursery and shelter for commercial and recreational fishes, shrimp and crabs. This important coastal habitat can support up to 40,000 fish per acre!
• Three types of seagrass grow along the Mississippi coast: shoal grass, turtle grass, and widgeon grass.
• You can protect seagrasses when boating in shallow areas by remembering to “lift, drift, pole or troll” your boat to deeper water. Lift your motor, drift through seagrass beds, pole through shallow areas, or troll with a small trolling motor.
• Seagrasses reduce wave action from currents and storms, protecting our homes and communities.
• They improve water quality by absorbing nutrients and pollution, making the water cleaner and clearer.
This story is part of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance’s “What the Gulf Gives” awareness initiative sponsored by Clean Gulf Associates. Share your favorite gifts of the Gulf of Mexico using #WhattheGulfGives on social media.
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