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   story by Lynn Lofton
It’s important to protect against skin cancer. Since 1979, the Skin Cancer Foundation has been leading the fight and has made strides in helping people understand the importance of skin cancer prevention, early detection, and effective treatment.
“Risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer include indoor tanning, sustaining frequent sunburns, unprotected exposure to UVA and UVB rays, genetics, atypical moles, history of an organ transplant or having red hair,” says spokeswoman Isha Vendantam.
Amy Parker, medical aesthetician with Modern Dermatology & Aesthetics in Gulfport, says, “While many teens and young adults are more cautious and knowledgeable of the importance of sun protection, we still see a higher incidence of skin cancers. But there is also an increase in self tanning lotions which are the safe way of receiving a tan.
“Most people do not realize that the sun exposure they are careful of receiving today is not necessarily the cause of their skin cancers. The exposure they received in their teens and early adulthood tends to show up in later years.”
Both women point out that the earth’s depleting ozone layers plays a role. “If it continues, climate change can lead to increased UV radiation and pollutants that can cause free radical damage to the skin,” Parker said. “A study performed in 2019 stated that air pollution increases oxidative stress in the skin and can worsen premature skin aging and damage. The most relevant environmental factor for skin cancer is sun exposure.”
Parker recommends a sunscreen of at least 35 SPF under foundation or over moisturizer with SPF protection and reapplication. “I tell people to leave it by their toothbrush as
a reminder to apply it every morning,” she said. “The tint on vehicle windows is not enough to protect you from harmful rays. I encourage people to pull that windshield sun visor to the side, to avoid direct sun exposure to the side of the face and neck.”
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