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Mental Health Association of South Mississippi
Supporting and Empowering People Who Suffer from Mental Illness since 1963
  Mental Health Association of South Mississippi (MHASM) believes that all people have strengths and can live in wellness. Some MHASM employees began as volunteers and several have lived experience with mental illness. The non-profit organization offers a variety of services through a day program for adults, homeless outreach and housing programs, peer support, educational workshops, and connection to resources.
An example of their community impact is that since July they have assisted 16 individuals obtain housing. These are people who were living in places not meant for human habitation; people who have a mental illness; people who deserve a better life. By building trust with the person and helping them take steps toward goals, they are now safe and moving forward.
MHASM hosts workshops called Mental Health First Aid for community members including parents. This opportunity is a $120 value presented free through grants and donations. Each person keeps their manual and learns about risk factors, signs and symptoms, how to approach someone and much more.
If you would like to discuss how to connect your loved one to resources, volunteer opportunities, or attend a workshop, contact MHASM.
Mental Health Association of South Mississippi
4803 Harrison Cir., Gulfport 228.864.6274
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